The Hack Farm is a permaculture-based, hacker-ethic driven, mission oriented small (2ha/5acres) farm in Skärbäck, Sweden run by Jorge Zapico.

The Hack Farm is both a productive farm selling vegetables, honey and nursery stock, but also an experimental space testing models and techniques for sustainable small scale production.


Vegetable production: 2500 sqm minimal tillage intensive production in beds. High tunnel 80 sqm.

Fruit and nut production: 1500 sqm of agroforestry planting and 1000 sqm of mixed forest with nut trees.

Honey: 2-4 hives using natural beekeeping methods.

Poultry: Duck flock, hens flock.


The Hack Farm functions as a test-bed, applying and testing techniques and tools for developing a sustainable but contemporary small scale production and doing experimental tests.

Some of the experiments include: biochar production, ramial wood chips mulching, small scale grain growing.


Nursery operation for tree crops, understory herbs and seed production. Under development.


Woodworking focusing on hand-tools, open design, minimalist vernacular design and slöjd. Woodworking workshop with vintage timber sawmill for own material production. Operation under development.