Solar power

The farm has a solar system with 48x270W panels for a total of 13kw effect installed in 2018. kw

Monitoring and control

With solar panels and an hourly-based tariff, we are exploring dynamic changes to electricity consumption in time based on prize and availability. A prototype was created to show real time consumption/production and spot prize and placed in the farm kitchen. This always visible information is then used for informing energy decisions (charging car, using tools, washing, using the oven..). kw This work is part of the project Kitchen financed by Energimyndigheten

Solar servers

We are running two web servers on solar energy. An offgrid setup with a solar panel, battery and 12v MPPT connected to a raspberry pi zero 2 (This site is hosted on that setup). An ongrid setup with an HPE server running only when solar energy is available from the main system and switching to a raspberry pi on PoE when not. server This work is part of the project Interaction design for the solar internet financed by Energimyndigheten.